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Christoph Ruckhäberle

Nye Eventyr

September 2 - October 29 2005

Galleri Nicolai Wallner is happy to present the exhibition Nye Eventyr with new paintings by the German artist Christoph Ruckhäberle.

Ruckhäberle works in a way that draws on classical painterly tradition but combines it with something instantly modern. As promised by the Danish title Nye Eventyr (new fairytales), this exhibition marks an innovative direction for Ruckhäberle: tilted angles of vision and bold colours differ from the straightforwardness of earlier works. Both in their aesthetics and narrative the paintings have an aggressive edge that challenges the viewer.

In Dschungel we see a group of men returned to a sort of natural state, vegetating in the branches of a lush, tropical jungle. However the figures' combed hair and the fact that one is reading a book undermine any presumption that we are witnessing a real return to nature. The stage is set for a human tragedy of sorts but the story in its entirety eludes the viewer.

The theatrical aspect of the artist's work seems underlined by the series of masks near the entry to the gallery. The solemn faces of Ruckhäberle's figures are condensed into pure theatre. Amongst the posters of Plakatwand we find both French actor / playwright Roland Topor and legendary German children figure Meister Eder. In front a suit clad man sits with a bottle, his face covered by a hat.

Die Flasche Bakbuk picks up its title from Renaissance novelist Rabelais. But where as Rabelais described a mythical quest for the bottle Bakbuk, Ruckhäberle switch to a more prosaic motif; a pair of men turned upside down drinking wine. Opposite we find Drei Frauen, three women sitting at a table, their skirts and legs forming beautiful patterns. There is something impossible about the painting and perhaps Ruckhäberle's work in general. Foreshortenings and perspective plays with viewer, making it a dizzying experience to look at the figures. One is constantly questioned what is up and down, in and out.

The works for the exhibition Nye Eventyr have been created in Copenhagen this summer in connection with an artist residence at Statens Værksteder, Gl. Dok.

We are happy to welcome you in the gallery.


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Galleri Nicolai Wallner