My Frontier is an Endless Wall of Points by Joachim Koester

(after the mescaline drawings of Henri Michaux) 16 mm black and white film installation, 10.5 minutes, 2007

In the nineteenth century exploration was geographic. Journeys made into impenetrable jungles or the ice deserts of the Arctic in an attempt to map the last “white” spots on the globe. But in the twentieth century this notion of the “unknown” changed. Exploration turned inward. The new realms to be discovered were the molecule (Niels Bohr), the unconscious (Sigmund Freud), language (Gertrude Stein) or the outskirts of the mind (Henri Michaux).

My Frontier Is an Endless Wall of Points is a film animation created from the mescaline drawings of Henri Michaux. Of all Michaux’s work, these drawings are most frequently described as “a venture into foreign territory.” They are seen as an exploration of a vast world on the borderline of words. My work is an attempt to literally animate this idea. I examine the traces of this journey in a series of rapidly moving images, making what could be termed a “psychedelic documentary.”

Joachim Koester, 2007